Make Local Habit is a statement.

We believe in working together to support our community. Make Local Habit's goal is to showcase artists and makers of your community to give them an outlet to pursue their passions. Thank you for being here to support your community!

Please give us a call to set up a curbside pickup or private virtual shopping experience.

  • Local Community

    “Make Local Habit” is a message, it is stating: Someone in your community is doing something that may benefit you or your life. When searching for these things, It may surprise you that you don't have to look far. Make Local Habit's goal is to encourage you to consider a local option before anything else, and to make shopping locally a habit.

  • Positive Intent

    All of us are on the same team, whether we realize it or not - working together to positively impact the planet. Trusting that people have good intentions is a simple act of assuming positive intent which results in a more effective and happy team.

  • Honesty

    Corporations are hiding the truth. Here at Make Local Habit, we don’t hide - quite the opposite. We encourage questions - but be prepared for the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Come, Visit Make Local Habit and know your purchase is positively impacting the economy without a negative impact on the earth. With your purchase of a one-of-a-kind handcrafted item, get the bonus of peace of mind.