About us

I was born and raised in a tiny cabin with a cozy loft and creaky floors. The woodstove kept us warm and kerosene lamps and candles lit the rooms for homework, art, and reading. It was in the woods, my older brother and younger sister played outside. We built tree forts, foraged the creeks, gathered acorns and berries to grind at the real Indian grinding rock! Our days of paradise were spent at the Yuba river on hot days. On a really good day, we would stay so long we were walking out in the dark.

Nevada County, what a beautiful and serene place to call home!! I am truly grateful to have been raised in this amazing community. I have been nurtured through the schools. I have been empowered by the youth sports programs. I was raised and still enjoy the company of many strong and empowered women; that made me the woman I am today. I have utilized the beautiful college campus and attended trade schools. But I most certainly enjoy all of the nature Nevada County has to offer.

Now here I am still in Nevada County and still loving it! However, now I am a mother of two outstanding, incredible, inspiring daughters. I am a wife to a very hard working man. I am a coach to my daughters and other inspiring athletes. I am a business owner who supports locals loving local.

“Make Local Habit” is a message, it is stating: Someone you know or someone in your community is probably doing something that may benefit you or your life. This could be any simple thing; needing a massage, a car repair, or a piece of art to hang on your wall. Maybe your child is in need of a tutor or wanting to learn to play an instrument. Perhaps you are feeling motivated to find a gym or join a fitness group. As a community we have a wide variety of talents, skills, expertise, and opportunities to offer one another. When searching for these things, you may be pleasantly surprised that you may not need to search very far.

“Make Local Habit” is also the name of my business. Make Local Habit is the product of many talented artists and creators gathered together to serve as a platform for a wonderful place to offer support and purchase handmade gifts. I come from a family of artists and have seen the struggles first hand. Artists often don’t have the opportunity to market themselves or put themselves out into the world. Their creations are amazing and should be shared with the community! It could be a lovely bar of handmade soap, a handmade woven rug, a unique piece of jewelry, or a ceramic bowl.

When you visit Make Local Habit and see all we have to offer, you might be surprised! I hear the words “WOW,” “Beautiful,” “handmade,” “one of a kind,” and “special,” almost daily. Those are certainly words I would choose to be said of a gift I was purchasing for a special someone.   We have a variety of 200 or more community members creating wonderful, one of a kind, handmade treasures for YOU! We still get new artists and creators every week! There is always something new.

Make Local Habit opened in September of 2009. Our first location was outside of downtown Grass Valley on East Main Street, with a simple concept and 25 participating artists. After six months, Make Local Habit joined forces with Violet Sprout, a natural waldorf inspired children’s boutique.   Together they reopened in historic downtown Grass Valley at 122 Mill Street. After a year Violet Sprout was sold to Kiya’s Naturals, a similar boutique with an added line of upcycled children’s clothing. For 5 years Make Local Habit and Kiya’s Naturals served the community on Mill Street. In February 2015, we relocated around the corner to 109 West Main Street. We now offer twice the square footage, over 200 artists and a beautiful new space!!

Coming into my seventh year of owning and operating Make Local Habit is humbling to say the least. The niche for selling locally made items to locals that love shopping local is a wonderful thing! And here in our community it is real. People are doing this, and they are doing it with pride and are thrilled with the outcome! My hope for the future of Make Local Habit is to make sure that you consider a local option before anything else, and to make shopping locally a habit. Thank you to all our supporters, shoppers, (locals and visitors) and creators!! It takes a village and as far as I’m concerned, I am living in the right one!!

We’re open Wednesday – Sunday // 11:00 am- 6:00 pm 
. Closed Mondays & Tuesdays. May be subject to change.  Be sure to visit often!  
We are always getting new inventory in.